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Graduate programs in organizational and social science disciplines face the challenge of providing training on research methods and statistics. Contributing to this challenge are advances in techniques and practices that need to be incorporated into the classroom, students that have a wide range of interests and needs, and that instructors with relevant expertise may not always be available. This challenge may be particularly problematic in international contexts, where students and faculty face strong pressures to increase the quality of their research and publication outlets so as to better compete globally, but where in many cases there is an absence of supporting coursework and curriculum on research methods and statistics.

Since 1997 CARMA has responded to this challenge by providing non-credit programs and events on research methods and statistics topics, including internet-based lecture series (Consortium Webcast Program, CWP, and International Video Library Program, IVL) and in-person short courses and workshops. Several thousand graduate students and faculty from several hundred universities world-wide have participated in and benefitted from these programs and events. However, an important unmet need exists within this environment. Specifically, a mechanism or process is needed through which CARMA participants receive assessment on their learning and recognition for their achievement. For graduate students such assessment and recognition may allow them to link their participation in CARMA programs and events with academic credit and/or curriculum requirements at their own institution. For faculty it can result in CARMA events being listed as advanced training in research methods and included as continuing education on their curriculum vita.

The CARMA Research Methods Education Program (RMEP) is designed to provide such assessment and recognition. Program requirements are based, in part, on lectures that are offered as part of CARMA’s Consortium Webcast Program and its International Video Library Program. As such, only faculty and students from schools who are registered as members of either of these two programs are eligible to participate in the RMEP Program.

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